Sleeping surrounded by history

A treasure trove of beauty in the centre of Palermo

Sleeping surrounded by history

A treasure trove of beauty in the centre of Palermo


Welcome to the Palace

Valentino Palace, a historic residence that has inherited the hospitality of the prestigious B&B 4 Quarti, is situated in the historical centre of Palermo, within the Arab Norman UNESCO World Heritage Site and a short walk from the famous Quattro Canti. It is the perfect place to stay for anyone who wants the comfort of a luxury hotel in an aristocratic residence.

The rooms and suites of Valentino Palace are like a journey into the past, with the comfort and convenience of the present. Ideal for those who are looking for an unforgettable experience in a house that is full of history, art and culture.

The house offers the opportunity to organize cooking lessons, dinners and small sophisticated gala events with high class catering. Musical evenings, small concerts, and presentations of poetry and books bring back the cultural life of aristocratic society in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Our Rooms

Cooking Class

The residence offers the opportunity to have cooking lessons, and discover the finest home made dishes of the old Sicilian tradition.

Recipes conserved by the family and secrets of the Monsù, who delighted palates and transformed dinners into occasions of refined sophistication.

Culinary traditions handed down over the millennia by the Arone di Valentino family, the cooking lessons are cultural and historical events not to be missed during your stay at the Palace.

The flavours of Sicily, its history in the kitchen, and the food and wine culture of this truly fascinating land, will be expertly explained by our House Chef.


Cocktail parties and private dinners are the highest expression of the elegance and sophistication of Valentino Palace. The house is a unique venue that will amaze and surprise

“Rediscover the old recipes of the Monsù, for dishes with a touch of elegance and originality.”

“ L’incanto è negli occhi, la magia e la bellezza da gustare ”