Sleeping surrounded by history

A treasure trove of beauty in the centre of Palermo

Sleeping surrounded by history

A treasure trove of beauty in the centre of Palermo


Welcome to the Palace

Palazzo Valentino Rooms & Suites is situated within the Arab Norman UNESCO World Heritage Site in the historic centre of Palermo, a short walk from the famous Quattro Canti. This historic residence offers the hospitality you would expect from a luxury hotel and the prestige of nobleman’s house.

The rooms and suites have every sort of comfort and are ideal for couples on holiday, families or groups looking for a private and intimate place to enjoy the company of friends.

Experiences on offer include a tour of the Residence for the guests staying here, Cooking Classes, dinners and exclusive events organized with the help of the best catering services in the city.


Our Rooms

Cooking Class

Preparing Sicilian dishes is a unique cultural experience, a fascinating journey to discover the food and the history of Sicily.

Sicilian cuisine has thousands of years of history behind it, the fragrances of a fertile land and family traditions, closely guarded over the course of time.

The cooking classes begin with a visit to the historic market of Ballarò with its stalls full of Sicilian fruit, fresh fish and fragrant spices. The street sellers and characteristic sounds will accompany you through one of the most distinctive experiences in Palermo.

Learn the secrets of home cooking, including the most traditional and best-loved Sicilian dishes. Discover the aromatic “caponata”, the original recipe for Sicilian “cannolo” or “arancina”, and the simple street food of the city like the tasty “panelle”.


Cocktail parties and private dinners are the highest expression of the elegance and sophistication of Palazzo Valentino, organized with the help of prestigious caterers. The palace is a unique venue that will surprise and amaze.

“The enchantment is in the eyes, the magic and the delights to be tasted”

“ L’incanto è negli occhi, la magia e la bellezza da gustare ”


Discover the treasures of Palermo

Along the most fascinating walk in the historic centre of Palermo, from the Cathedral to the Quattro Canti and then on to the old semi-circular port with a view over the sea, you will be taken back through thousands of years of the history and culture of this fascinating and eclectic city.