4 Quarti

The history of the hospitality at Valentino Palace

Quattro quarti camere Palermo
Quattro Quarti Palermo
Quattro quarti camere Palermo


In the year 2005, Simona Arnone di Valentino was sure that Sicily would attract tourists and travellers again, with its thousands of years of history. She decided make her contribution using the most beautiful heritage that she had, “the history of her family” with its centuries old traditions and the palace that had been handed down over the generations. Arone di Valentino Palace has played an important part in the history of Palermo. Many famous people have visited the house, and today its heirs are committed to recreating the magical atmosphere of the cultural life of Palermo.

La storia Quattro Quarti
La storia Quattro Quarti

4 quarti was the original guest house, with four rooms designed and furnished in a style that pays tribute to the dominations that came and went over the course of the centuries: Spanish, Alcove, 18th Century and Norman.

The rooms, which have furniture from the house and elegant hangings, are a delightful combination of the charm of the past and the comfort of modern hospitality. The rooms have private bathrooms, a TV, heating, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a safe and courtesy toiletries.

Today, these rooms are part of the hospitality of Valentino Palace, and they have a new breakfast hall and more facilities.

Bed & Breakfast

Over the years, Quattro Quarti has been a meeting place for travellers who wanted to get to know Palermo and its wonders. We will never forget a visit by Gerard Depardieu, who left a gift for Simona Arnone di Valentino, dedicated “To Simona, as beautiful as life”.


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